MyCity Academy
Hosted by the City of Lincoln Commission on Human Rights, MyCity Academy empowers New American community members in Lincoln to strengthen their ability to advocate, navigate, and impact local government services. Over the course of eight weeks, MyCity participants meet with leaders from City of Lincoln/Lancaster County departments and tour City-County facilities. In doing so, they gain a better understanding of how their government works and learn how to resolve issues, obtain information, and increase involvement. Upon graduation, MyCity participants will also be able to help their communities understand and navigate community infrastructure. MyCity graduates also have the opportunity to interact with New Americans from other communities through their participation in the MyCity alumni network.
MyCity Academy is focused on the long term goal of growing Lincoln-Lancaster County's New American leadership, equity and inclusion. This is achieved through structured lessons and hands-on experiences that connect resident leaders with community experts on topics such as Health & Wellbeing, Safety & Safety Response, All About Money, Leadership & Social Capital, City-County Services, and Community & Civic Engagement.

Participants in My City Academy will:

1. Gain an in-depth understanding of City/County government services;
2. Have greater access to existing City/County and community resources;
3. Build leadership capacity; and,
4. Become part of a larger community network.

For more information, contact Lincoln Commission on Human Rights at (402) 441-7624